Tinky for GIGA Nas

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What is Tinky ?

Tinky is a alternative firmware for the NAS-1000 / NAS-2000 storage device with support to ipkg, telnet and many other stuff. The GIGA Nas and the nas2000 are very similar except for the second ide/sata channel, gigabit ethernet and the usb port that are missed on the NAS 2000.

Tinky and GIGA Nas (Tinky-LS firmware)

Thanks to Lord Scaffard efforts, we can now use Tinky firmware on the Giga NAS, without loosing the ide channel and usb. This firmware is called Tinky-LS, and it's image can be found here. Dont use the DUAL HDD Nas Tinky-LS image because it will brick your GIGA Nas (their kernels are not compatible).

The Tinky-LS differs from Tinky in:

  • ramdisk (added /dev/hdc*, /dev/hdd*, /dev/sd* missing device nodes)
  • application (restored hotplug and some original script code to handle USB+second ide channel)

Open issues

  • You cannot revert to original firmware using the webgui (since update handler expects a different firmware flash layout). You can still use bootloader menu to do that. A manual restore method is being prepared (using mtd-utils).
  • Log is flooded by these messages: "icybox user.info powermgmt: Ambiguous event is occurred!!!"
  • The firmware seems to be a little unstable