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Yet anOther Dummy CTCS is a Enhanced CTorrent web frontend.

To install it, follow these steps:

ipkg-cl update
ipkg-cl install dctcs

After installing that, you'll have both DCTCS and Enhanced CTorrent installed.

Remember to edit /system/overlay/apps/dctcs/dctcs.conf and change default username and password (defaults are me/just)

You can manually start the service by running:


When you restart your NAS the service will be started automatically.

To access the DCTCS web gui, point your browser to:


Remember: downloaded files are put into /mnt/IDE1/public/download, and torrents files into /mnt/IDE1/public/torrent.

Shared folder automatic torrent download

You can configure DCTCS to periodically scan the torrent folder looking for new torrents to be started. Add this line to /system/overlay/apps/dctcs/dctcs.conf:

check-interval X

where X is number of seconds between folder scans. But be aware: this will wake up your HD every time the folder is scanned.